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She is the coauthor of erin brockovich cast Take It from Me: Life’s a Struggle erin brockovich cast but You Can Win and has her own show on PodcastOne. Movie Details Where. Julia erin brockovich cast Roberts stars in this legal drama based on the story of a woman erin brockovich cast who helped win the largest settlement ever erin brockovich cast paid in a direct-action lawsuit.

history and is the subject of the film &39;Erin Brockovich,&39; starring Julia Roberts. A report erin brockovich cast about Erin Brockovich the real person, not Julia Roberts, appeared in Entertainment Weekly (5/12/00). Top News Videos for erin brockovich cast. Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Norma Maldonado. Erin Brockovich is a American biographical legal drama film directed by erin brockovich cast Steven Soderbergh and written by erin brockovich cast Susannah Grant. "Erin Brockovich": The real story In the movie, the victims in the celebrated lawsuit won big. erin brockovich cast Say the name Erin Brockovich and you think, strong, tough, stubborn and sexy. 3/10 IMDb 84% Rotten Tomatoes.

" "The work that Erin Brockovich does in this world is so powerful and so important that it almost defies description. erin brockovich movie cast of characters: cast of erin brockovich movie: 7 results. erin brockovich cast &39;Erin Brockovich&39; Cast: Julia Roberts, Albert Finney & Others Who Were A Part Of The Film Here is all you need to know about the Julia Roberts starrer Erin Brockovich cast. She is a fighter. Erin is all erin brockovich cast that and definitely more. Passmoore Ron Altomare Charles John Bukey Show All.

The film is a dramatization of the true story of Erin Brockovich, portrayed by Julia Roberts, who fought against the energy corporation Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) regarding its culpability for the Hinkley groundwater contamination incident. Associated Press Videos via. Aaron Eckhart is almost unrecognizable here. Julia Roberts, 53 Erin Brockovich. The contamination and lawsuit became the subject of Erin Brockovich, a biographical film which starred Julia Roberts as Brockovich. Julia Roberts stars as Erin Brockovich, a feisty young mother who fought for justice any way she knew how. Ellis since Ma.

Julia Roberts Albert Finney Aaron Eckhart Marg Helgenberger Cherry Jones Veanne Cox Conchata Ferrell Tracey Walter Peter Coyote Michael Harney Scarlett Pomers Scotty Leavenworth Gina Gallego T. Erin Brockovich is based on the community of Hinkley, California a town located in the Mojave. Erin Brockovich: The Real-Life Unhappy Ending Science. In reality, many are wondering where the money went -- and they&39;re mad at their lawyers. erin brockovich cast Watch Erin Brockovich movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, erin movie review and more on TVGuide. She is a modern-day “David” who loves a good brawl with today’s “Goliaths. A movie that made the public aware of a life threating substance found throughout the world. Sadly, in the real world.

Brockovich&39;s work in bringing litigation against Pacific Gas and Electric was the focus of the feature film, Erin Brockovich, starring Julia Roberts in the title role. You can view additional information about each Erin Brockovich actor on this list, such as when and where they were born. Erin Brockovich Cast and Crew erin brockovich cast "She brought a small town to its feet and a huge corporation to its knees. She has been married to Eric L.

In her Oscar-winning role, Julia Roberts stars as Erin Brockovich, a feisty young mother who fought for justice any way erin brockovich cast she knew how. Rebel has added actors Kevin Zegers and Sam Palladio to its cast, as the actors will join Katey Sagal on the TV show based on famed legal activist Erin Brockovich. Erin erin brockovich cast Brockovich is a courtroom movie without a courtroom, because ultimately this deserves to be the story of real hardworking people, not callous corporate lawyers erin brockovich cast arguing semantics. Diner behind Erin (uncredited) Tom Tangen.

marked 20 years since "Erin Brockovich" hit theaters, and Aaron Eckhart has the fondest memories working alongside Julia Roberts on the film. Erin Brockovich-Ellis, Actress: Erin Brockovich. Industrialization was the problem for the residents of Hinkley, California as portrayed by director Steven Soderbergh’s drama titled Erin Brockovich. Cast Julia Roberts Erin Brockovich Albert Finney Ed Masry Aaron Eckhart George Marg Helgenberger Donna Jensen Cherry Jones Pamela Duncan Veanne Cox Theresa Dallavale Conchata Ferrell Brenda Tracey Walter Charles Embry Peter Coyote Kurt Potter Scotty Leavenworth Matthew Gemmenne De la Pena Katie Jamie Harrold erin brockovich cast Scott Crew Steven Soderbergh Director. ” She thrives on erin brockovich cast erin brockovich cast being the voice for those who don’t know how to yell.

An unemployed single mother becomes a legal assistant and almost single-handedly brings down a California power company accused of polluting a city&39;s water supply. With Julia Roberts, Albert Finney, David Brisbin, Dawn Didawick. The film was nominated for five Academy Awards : Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Writing in a Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen. " TMDb Score. The film is based on a real-life story. Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Norma Maldonado. "I remember getting that part and talking to. Several male acquaintance of Brockovich, one of whom was portrayed as a supportive, upstanding character in the film, allegedly demanded that Brockovich pay them off.

Erin Brockovich is one erin brockovich cast of Soderbergh&39;s best movies, anchored by a superb Julia Roberts performance. ShowBiz Minute: West, Drake, Jayne. A law clerk (Julia Roberts) researching a client&39;s health case brockovich stumbles on a cover-up of a contaminated water supply in a desert town. Desperate for a job to support herself and her three children, she convinces attorney Ed Masry (Albert Finney) to erin brockovich cast hire her, and promptly stumbles upon a monumental law case against a giant corporation. Woman brockovich 1 (uncredited) Mike Malone. Erin Brockovich-Ellis was born on J in Lawrence, Kansas, USA as Erin L. Desperate for a job to support herself and her three children, she convinces attorney Ed Masry (Albert Finney) to hire her and promptly stumbles upon a monumental case against a giant corporation.

Erin Brockovich is best known for her involvement in one of the largest erin brockovich cast direct action lawsuits in U. erin brockovich cast members: 12. – erin We all love a neat, tidy Hollywood ending to brockovich a David and Goliath story. Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Erin Brockovich is a funny, smart, and thoughtful legal drama that despite some plot holes and character issues, is engaging, emotional, and inspiring. Erin Brockovich (Roberts) is a single mother of three who, after losing a personal injury lawsuit, asks her lawyer, Ed Masry (Albert Finney), if he can help her find a job. More Erin Brockovich Cast images.

R 2 hr 11 min Mar 14th, Drama. The film was a critical success, with Roberts winning a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama 56 and an Academy Award for Best Actress. She was previously married to Steven Michael Brockovich and Shawn Brown.

Learn about Erin Brockovich: discover its actor ranked by popularity, see when it released, view trivia, and more. ERIN BROCKOVICH is the president of Brockovich Research & Consulting and the founder of the Erin Brockovich Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to educate and empower communities in their fight for erin brockovich cast clean water. This list of Erin Brockovich actors includes any Erin Brockovich actresses and all other actors from the film. Baxter (uncredited) Ed Masry.

Now Erin&39;s determined. Erin Brockovich cast list, listed alphabetically erin brockovich cast with photos when available. Thyne Valente Rodriguez Erin Brockovich-Ellis David Brisbin Dawn Didawick George Rocky Sullivan Pat Skipper Jack Gill Irene Olga López Emily Marks Julie Marks Gemmenne de la Peña Adilah Barnes Irina V. In her Oscar®-winning role, Julia Roberts stars as Erin Brockovich, a feisty young mother who erin brockovich cast fought for justice any way she knew how. Ned (uncredited) Julie Wagner.

"Katey Sagal is a powerhouse as &39;Rebel&39; and erin brockovich cast with Andy Garcia, John Corbett and the rest of the phenomenal erin brockovich cast cast, viewers are going to fall in love with these characters and the world Krista has created for them. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of Erin Brockovich with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at TVGuide. Like Brockovich, we&39;ve got a strong female lead in Meryl Streep,.

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